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SPS offers a wide variety of photographic services, expanded upon since its creation in 1990.

Shawn is experienced in nearly every style of photography, and many artistic aspects of photography. For him, photography is an invaluable tool. It documents a mere instant in time, never again to be experienced in the same way, but witnessed by the vast different perspectives of those who view the final image. Pictures say a thousand words because each of us see them in slightly different ways than the next, but all of us are pulled together by the most obvious theme represented.

Digital media has changed the face of both photography and art, making both- and their combination- more accessible to a broader base of artists and photographers. Shawn expanded into this media early with photo restorations, digital graphics, signatures, interface design, and website design.

The combination of these visual, digital, photographic, and artistic perspectives makes Shawn a flexible photographer in nearly every environment and situation. The ability to adapt when shooting on location is a key skill that he posesses, and makes him a strong viable choice for event photography of all kinds.

He has enjoyed every facet of the trade of photography, art, and digital design. He has sold consumer photographic equipment, video equipment, and optics such as binoculars, spotting scopes, and telescopes. Shawn has worked in film processing mini labs, darkrooms, studios, locations indoors and out, and with his digital desktop. He maintains close contact with current photographic trends, including, consumer sales, trade shows, and local business changes.





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