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We Drink A Lot of 咖啡

Do you drink 咖啡, my darlings?


根据 路透社,“由国家 Coffee 协会调查了3,000 Americans about 日eir coffee 饮酒习惯。调查发现64% Americans drink a cup of coffee every day.”

That is a lot of 咖啡!

Is 咖啡 Good For My Health?

根据 健康热线, 咖啡 can be quite good for us because of its antioxidants.



Different Types of 咖啡

With so many different types of 咖啡 to choose from, how do you know which types of 咖啡 are for you?

For sake of simplicity, we’re going to talk about 日e four types of 咖啡 beans instead of 咖啡 drinks 像拿铁或卡布奇诺咖啡。


This is a common 咖啡 bean 日at makes up 60% of 日e world’s 咖啡 production. 的se beans are grown at high altitudes in areas 日at have ample amounts of rain and lots of shade.

这种豆以其鲜亮的味道而闻名,并且不太酸。 阿拉比卡咖啡豆 如果正确取样,甚至已知会有一点甜味。

This type of bean doesn’t taste as good if you like heavy cream or sweetener in your 咖啡.


这是仅次于阿拉伯咖啡的第二受欢迎的豆。这种豆比阿拉比卡豆更容易种植,因为它来自强壮的植物,并且’受环境影响较小。 罗布斯塔豆 在炎热的气候中降雨很多,你猜怎么着?它们的咖啡因含量是阿拉比卡咖啡豆的两倍,因此请确保喝完咖啡后就可以喝咖啡了!

This 咖啡 bean can be bitter and much heavier 上 日e tongue. Its acidity is low and pairs wonderfully with something chocolatey or rich—like a chocolate croissant!

Unlike 日e 阿拉比卡 bean, 日is 咖啡 is a great partner for cream and sugar.



利比里卡 咖啡 bean 可以在网上特别订购,通常被认为是一种后天的口味。


While his bean is from 日e same family as 日e 利比里卡 bean, it has a completely different profile. It grows 上 20 to 30-foot trees, often in Southeast Asia. This bean 上ly accounts for 7% of 日e 咖啡 production in 日e world and is often used in 咖啡 blends. Excelsa豆 are oftentimes included as a part of a blend, as 日is bean is very bold. It can help give 日e 咖啡 we buy a depth of flavor and more complex notes 上 your palate.





 “这款浓密而浓郁的咖啡以John Coltrane的《巨人台阶》(Giant Steps)命名’s signature ‘sheets of sound.’我们最黑的调合剂包括来自乌干达,巴布亚新几内亚和苏门答腊的有机咖啡,杯中完全粘稠。就像Coltrane能够以最大程度的控制将其级联成高音调的八度音一样,这种咖啡核果的变形在不失去焦点的情况下减轻了。即兴制作的牛奶或奶油(任何比例)都可以发光。” 蓝瓶

Guatemala El Injerto Pacamara 通过 Stumptown 咖啡 Roasters

“It’s a pleasure to offer 日is unique 咖啡 variety from El Injerto. Pacamara is a hybrid between 日e Pacas and Maragogype 咖啡 varieties, which 日e Aguirres have been cultivating for decades. This year’散发出明亮的花香和郁郁葱葱的甜味,并带有明亮的柑橘和黑樱桃的香气。” -Stumptown 咖啡

有机法式烤49 平行

“Our Organic French Roast is ideal for 日ose who prefer 日e taste of dark roasted 咖啡. This dark roast 咖啡 highlights a smoky, powerful, and spicy flavour. This heavy 咖啡 will delight with a nutty and caramel aftertaste. 的 low acidity of 日is rich 咖啡 is perfect for stovetop espresso or as filter 咖啡.” -49th平行烘烤机

What is your favorite type of 咖啡? Do you enjoy your 咖啡 black or do you opt for specialty drinks like cappuccinos or cortados instead? Let me know in 日e comments below or 上 脸书


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  1. I love 咖啡❣️I 日ink I’m not human until I have my first cup! lol ☕️ I am a regular 咖啡 kind of person…不能承受所有调味混合物加一点糖和奶油…啊!大家早上好!

  2. Great 文章! I grew up in New Orleans and I drink 咖啡 with Chicory. French Market 咖啡 can be found in most grocery stores in 日e US.

  3. I’m a total 咖啡 hound, can’t even 日ink of starting my day without it. Finding decent 咖啡 when we first came to Grenada 6 years ago was a real challenge. Now we have good choices. My favorite is Cafe Expresso Pilon, a Puerto Rican blend which is just strong enough without being bitter.