Formal and Informal, Studio or Environmental Portraits

Portraits are one of the oldest and most important forms of photography, have created legendary artists like Annie Leibovitz and even Kenny Rogers, and even have changed from images of people, to "portraits" of abstract subjects like love, hate, and pollution.

Even the unknown have amassed collections of family photos that are incredible portraits of not only the subjects, but the situations they found themselves in. Wartime, peacetime, the beginning of a new life together.

This is the essence and importance of photography as it relates to people and the lives they live.


SPS Portrait Photography:

Studio, Outdoor, Environmental, On-Location or In-Home, Pets and Animals, Groups and Individuals, Formal and Informal, Romance, Couples' Photography and Romantic Series Portraits, Dating, Head Shots, and Promotional Use portraits.


Location Location Location

Portraits can be taken in a studio environment, outdoors, or in any environment.


The Subject?

SPS photographs musicians, babies and children, teens and young adults...all age groups! Special conditions are created for babies, the injured or infirm- setting up on-location when familiarity and comfort are essential. We shoot singles, couples, and groups of all sizes.

We also photograph still life objects, pets, and animals.

Our Styles

We do both formal and informal, documentary and environmental styles. (In-studio, outdoors, and specialized surrounds are available for each style.)

Formal portraits are set up using specialized lighting arrangements, coupled with traditional poses, background choices, and lighting schemes.

Informal portraits consist of more modern posing and lighting techniques, a more relaxed composition style and background qualification- with less formal attire and expression.

Environmental portraits are designed and photographed to place importance on the subject and their interaction with the environment. On-location photography is often utilized for portraits of workers or hobbists, but can also be designed in a studio location for portraits of users- such as product use, model making, and reading or writing.

Our goal is to combine all three in most photographs. To this end, we attempt to create a lasting and timeless image that captures the subject in the most flattering light, pose, and surroundings; while reducing a "posed" expression or position.

Please contact us for details, availability, and pricing!


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