Romance and Couples Photography

What does It Mean?

Provacative- "Tending to excite or stimulate." A provacative image suggests more than it shows.

Boudoir- "A woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private room." A boudoir photograph is meant to entice that someone special!

Courtship- "The act of attempting to seek the affections of." A courtship or dating image shows the affections betwen two people- the love they share- and seeks to create a lasting image of love that can be shared with others.

Romance Photography

Singles' Dating Photography

Romantic, Provacative, Semi-Nude or Boudoir

Couples' Dating and Courtship Romance Series Portraits and Sessions

Engagement Photos


Single's Dating Photography by SPS

Online and private ad photographs need SPS! Allow us to create an image that makes- and keeps- that good first impression! Don't be the girl or guy who chopped themselves out of an old, out-of-date, photograph! (Especially the kind where your prospective mate can tell you were with your last date!)

We will work with you to promote your best features, and subdue any that you dislike. We can retouch photographs for blemishes, misplaced hair, or any number of other reasons. SPS can design and print Dating Cards- small wallet-sized images with your email address, (or other SECURE contact information,) printed on the back.

Our Dating Portraits are PERFECT for online dating systems, Blogs, Websites, Forums, or any place you want to post your image online!

Get out there and go for it! (Just do it with the natural style and beauty you posess- not in an old photo with a goofey expression!)

Couple's Romance Photography

SPS will create striking, lasting images, of the love you share for one another! Romance sessions are available in-studio, in-home, and on-locations outside.

Choose from hour-long increments up to eight hours of photography!

Perfect for new couples, and those who have close family members who haven't met your special someone!





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